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22 Bullets (French: L’Immortel – “The Immortal“) is a French film directed by Richard Berry. It tells a part of the life story of Jacky Imbert, and is based on the novel L’Immortel (2007) by Franz-Olivier Giesbert. Filming began on 23 February 2009 in Marseille, in Avignon in early April 2009, and continued for 8 weeks in Paris.

Three years ago mafia boss Charly Matteï retired and left the business to his old friend Tony Zacchia, and has led a peaceful life since, devoting himself to his wife and two children. His past catches up with him when he is ambushed by an eight-man hit squad in a parking lot and left for dead with 22 bullets in his body. Against all odds, he survives to take revenge on his killers.

On the hunt for the shooters, he finds himself confronted with his criminal past and resulting threat to his family. He tries to identify those responsible without bloodshed. This “weakness” is, however, exploited, and his friend Karim is brutally murdered by the same people who had shot him. Matte├» swears revenge and goes on a hunt for the masterminds of the attack. He visits the hit squad during a birthday celebration and announces that he will kill them one by one anytime, anywhere…

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Genre: Action | Criminal | Exciting
Score: 6. 7 of 10 - Average rate 26 232 people
Director: Richard Berry
Cast: Jean Reno, Kad Merad, Marina Fois

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