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The film opens some time after the original film with Tonny serving out his last day of a prison sentence. His cell-mate delivers a monologue advising Tonny to conquer his fear. He then reminds Tonny that he owes him money, but has chosen to give him more time out of respect for Tonny’s father, the Smith, a vicious gangster. Upon his release, Tonny visits his father’s garage business seeking employment. The Smith has a younger son from a different mother now and receives Tonny coldly, but he ultimately allows Tonny to work for him on a trial basis. Tonny steals a Ferrari in an effort to impress his father, but the car is rejected and the Smith berates Tonny mercilessly for his lack of responsibility.

While hanging out with his friend Ø, Tonny is told that he has a child with a local woman Charlotte. Charlotte has raised the child by herself so far and demands that Tonny start paying her child support. Tonny makes empty promises to pay, but soon comes to care for the child. Tonny successfully participates in a car heist for the Smith, but is forced to ride in the trunk of the escape car because there are no seats left.

Tonny helps a local pimp and hoodlum, “Kurt the Cunt”, make a heroin deal with Milo, the drug lord from the first movie. When one of Milo’s thugs arrives late, a spooked Kurt flushes the heroin down the toilet. Kurt now has no money or drugs to sell and cannot pay back the money he borrowed for the deal. Kurt convinces Tonny to help buy him a gun and shoot him in the arm to convince Kurt’s backers that he was robbed. While visiting with Charlotte and his son, Tonny learns how to change his son’s diaper. Ø watches and reveals that he is about to marry his girlfriend Gry and have a child of his own.

At Ø’s wedding reception, the Smith delivers a toast telling Ø that he thinks of him as a son, and then chides Tonny. Tonny gets drunk and becomes angry as he watches Charlotte neglecting their child to snort cocaine with Gry in the club’s kitchen. He insists that she take the baby home, but she refuses by berating and humiliating Tonny. Enraged, Tonny attacks Charlotte before several men pull him away. Realizing that he has once again made a fool of himself, Tonny leaves the party and meets Kurt, who is lingering outside. Kurt convinces Tonny to help him smash up his apartment to further support their story. In return Kurt promises to put in a good word for Tonny with the Smith. After Kurt attacks a prostitute that emerges from his bedroom, he tells Tonny he is going to finish her off and Tonny, wanting no part of it, leaves. Kurt reveals that his financial backer is the Smith and that he has lied so that Tonny will share in Kurt’s debt.

Tonny visits his father to find a way to reconcile and pay off his debt. Tonny volunteers to intimidate the Smith’s ex-wife Jeanette, who is trying to take custody of his young half-brother, to force her to drop the custody claim. The Smith insists that Tonny kill her, and he agrees. Tonny visits Jeanette where she works, at Kurt’s brothel, but he cannot go through with the murder. After returning and admitting his failure to his father, the Smith berates him savagely. Tonny snaps and viciously stabs the Smith to death. He flees and goes looking for Ø, but instead finds Gry and Charlotte getting high. They deride Tonny and then leave the baby unattended. Tonny takes the child and gets on a bus, fleeing the city. The film ends with a shot of the tattoo on the back of Tonny’s head which reads “Respect”.

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Genre: Action, Crime, Drama
Publisher: Te Mvvyz
Quality: 720p Bluray
Format: MKV
Size: 749 MB
Product: Denmark | England
English language
Director: Nicolas Winding Refn
Players:, Zlatko Buric, Slavko Labovic, Marinela DekicMads Mikkelsen, Anne Sorensen, Leif Sylvester, Kim Bodnia, Laura Drasbak, Zlatko Buric

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