Game of Thrones Season 03 Episode 07

The Bear and the Maiden Fair

“The Bear and the Maiden Fair” is the seventh episode of the third season of Game of Thrones. It is the twenty-seventh episode of the series overall. It premiered on May 12, 2013. It was written by series creator George R.R. Martin and directed by Michelle MacLaren.

Dany exchanges gifts with a slave lord outside of Yunkai. As Sansa frets about her prospects, Shae chafes at Tyrion’s new situation. Tywin counsels the king, and Melisandre reveals a secret to Gendry. Brienne faces a formidable foe in Harrenhal.

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Game of Thrones Season 03 Episode 07 Details

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Size: 493 MB
Quality: 1080p BluRay
Genres: Adventure, Drama, Fantasy
Release Date: TV Series (2013– )
Language: English
Cast: Peter Dinklage,Lena Headey,Emilia Clarke ,Kit Harington

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