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Heavenly Sword is a 2014 computer-animated action-adventure fantasy film based on the 2007 video game of the same name, developed by companies Sony and Ninja Theory. It was released digitally, and theatrically in selected regions.

It is foretold that a human savior will wield the Heavenly Sword. In the past, the Raven Lord would go to war with anyone just to gain power. But when humanity was at its wits end, a warrior descended from the Heavens. He challenged and defeated the Raven Lord with the Heavenly Sword. When the fight ended, the warrior disappeared, leaving behind his sword. Men would fight anyone tooth and nail just to wield the Heavenly Sword’s unearthly power. Eventually, the Heavenly Sword was entrusted to the ancient clan of nomadic warriors to ensure that man does not use it for evil purposes.

From here, the film’s plot follows that of the game closely. The film begins with Nariko, who is a part of that very same clan that were entrusted with the Heavenly Sword. She is known as the failure of the clan, including her father. She is skilled in fighting but her father, Shen, does not recognize her skills since she is a female…

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Info: IMDB

Genre: Animation | Action | adventure
5. 3 of 10 - Average Rate 1,472 people
Director: Gun Ho Jang
Cast: Thomas Jane, Alfred Molina, Anna Torv

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