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Milo, an aging Serbian drug lord, attends a meeting of Narcotics Anonymous. The five-days-sober Milo admits that he is worried that the stress of cooking for his daughter’s 25th birthday celebration will cause him to relapse into using. Milo departs the meeting to pick up a drug shipment with his henchman Branko. Though he requested heroin, the shipment turns out to be 10,000 ecstasy pills. Seeking an explanation, Milo meets with his Albanian supplier Luan. The Albanians agree to send a new shipment of heroin and allow Milo to try to sell the ecstasy as well.

After a quick talk with his demanding and spoiled daughter, Milena, Milo goes back to the kitchen at his club to cook for the party. After Milo forces his henchman to try his cooking, he meets his associate Little Muhammed, who has come to drop off his daily haul. The pugnacious Muhammed warns Milo to respect younger hoods like himself, calling himself “King of Copenhagen”, but Milo mockingly calls him the “King Kong of Copenhagen.” However, as Milo knows nothing about ecstasy, he needs Muhammed to set up a buyer for the pills. When all of Milo’s henchmen get food poisoning from his cooking, Milo has no choice but to trust Muhammed to make the sale alone and return within an hour.

The birthday celebration begins and Milo splits his time between mingling with guests, cooking, and trying to contact the tardy Muhammed. While buying wine at an underground store, Milo learns that Milena’s boyfriend, Mike, is in fact a drug dealer. He forces Mike to accept him as his sole supplier, and then haggles with his daughter over the price. While waiting in a restaurant for an emergency supply of fish, Milo bumps into Kurt the Cunt, a low-level drug dealer who gives him some heroin. The over-stressed Milo breaks down and smokes some of it. Having not heard from Muhammed in four hours, Milo contacts a corrupt cop who promises to find him.

Milo meets with Luan to admit that he lost the ecstasy and needs more time to pay for them, the Albanians force Milo into a partnership to settle the issue. Using his kitchen as a meeting place Rexho, an Albanian crook, and a Polish pimp arrive to sell a young girl into prostitution. Milo tries to distance himself from the transaction in disgust, but Rexho treats him as a subordinate, demanding food and drink and that he serves them. Rexho and the pimp attempt to sell the girl to Jeanette, a local brothel operator, but she refuses to take her, sensing she is likely under the age of 18. Milo gives the girl a piece of his daughter’s birthday cake after she reveals that it is her birthday as well. After Rexho leaves, the girl attempts to flee, but Milo helps run her down. The furious pimp begins savagely beating the girl, which ultimately sends Milo over the edge. In a rage he beats the pimp to death with a hammer, then waits for Rexho to return and kills him as well. The corrupt cop then delivers Muhammed to Milo in the trunk of his car, warning him not to hurt him.

Out of options Milo seeks help from his old friend and ex-henchman Radovan, who left the underworld to start a successful pizza restaurant. Radovan agrees to help Milo one last time. Radovan helps Milo torture Muhammed, who reveals that the ecstasy pills Milo had received were fake. Milo and Radovan stash Muhammed in a freezer after he threatens Milo, and then begin butchering the two corpses for disposal. At dawn, Milo returns to his tranquil home and talks with Milena. She wonders why he disappeared during the party, then goes to bed. Milo walks into the backyard and silently smokes a cigarette while looking into his empty swimming pool.

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Info: IMDB

Genre: Crime, Drama, Thriller
Publisher: Te Mvvyz
Quality: 720p Bluray
Format: MKV
Size: 799 MB
Product: Denmark | England
English language
Director: Nicolas Winding Refn
Players:, Zlatko Buric, Slavko Labovic, Marinela DekicMads Mikkelsen, Anne Sorensen, Leif Sylvester, Kim Bodnia, Laura Drasbak, Zlatko Buric

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