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The film is presented in non-chronological order, from the 1920s to the 1960s, and it is largely told through flashbacks from the viewpoint of one person. The specific scenes and their order varies from version to version. The following section describes the full European cut of the film.

The film begins in medias res with gangsters entering a Chinese puppet theater, looking for a marked man. The proprietors slip into a hidden opium den and warn a man named “Noodles”, but he pays no attention. In a flashback, he watches the police remove three disfigured corpses from a street. He successfully kills one of the three thugs that are after him but learns that the thugs have murdered his girlfriend while looking for him and finds that someone else has stolen his money. He leaves the city.

David “Noodles” Aaronson struggles as a street kid in the Jewish ghetto on the Lower East Side of Manhattan,[3] in 1920. He and his friends Patrick “Patsy” Goldberg, Phillip “Cockeye” Stein, and little Dominic commit petty crimes under the supervision of the local boss Bugsy. Planning to rob a drunk at the moment a passing truck hides them from a policeman, they’re foiled by the older Max Bercovicz, who jumps off of the truck to rob the man himself. Noodles confronts Max but a crooked policeman steals the watch they were fighting over. By chance, they later find him with a teenage girl; Max’s camera enables them to blackmail him and start their own gang independent of Bugsy. The boys establish a suitcase money fund, which they hide in a locker at a train station, giving the key to Fat Moe, a reliable friend who’s not part of the operation. Noodles is in love with Fat Moe’s sister Deborah, who aspires to be a dancer and actress. One day, Bugsy ambushes the boys and shots Dominic, who dies in Noodles’ arms. An enraged Noodles stabs Bugsy to death and also stabs a police officer who tried to intervene, but is knocked unconscious by another officer and arrested. He is sentenced to 12 years in prison…

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Full Name: Once Upon a Time in America 1984 Movie Free Download 720p BluRay
Size: 1.0 GB
Quality: 720p BluRay
Genres:  Crime, Drama
Release Date: 1 June 1984
Language: English
Cast:  Robert De Niro, James Woods, Elizabeth McGovern

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Once Upon a Time in America Free Movie Download Once Upon a Time in America Free Movie Download Once Upon a Time in America Free Movie Download Once Upon a Time in America Free Movie Download

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