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Rogue is a 2007 Australian independent horror film about a group of tourists in Australia who fall prey to a giant, man-eating crocodile. Rogue was released in Australia on 8 November 2007.

The film stars Michael Vartan, Radha Mitchell, Sam Worthington, John Jarratt and Mia Wasikowska and was directed, written, and produced by Greg McLean, who also directed the 2005 indie-Australian horror hit movie Wolf Creek. It was produced by David Lightfoot and Matt Hearn and made on a budget of A$26,900,000.[4] The film was inspired by the true story of Sweetheart, a giant saltwater crocodile that attacked boats in the late 1970s, although in real life, Sweetheart was never responsible for an attack on a human.

While carrying out his research as a travel journalist, cynical American Pete McKell (Michael Vartan) joins a group of tourists on a crocodile watching river cruise in Kakadu National Park of Australia’s Northern Territory, led by wildlife researcher Kate Ryan (Radha Mitchell). After a run-in with two locals, Neil (Sam Worthington) and Collin (Damien Richardson), the cruise winds to a close and Kate prepares to return the group to base…

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Info: IMDB

Genre: Action | Adventure | Scary
Score: 6. 2 of 10 - Average rate 22 096 people
Director: Greg Mclean
Actors: Sam Worthington, Radha Mitchell, Michael Vartan

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