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Snowmen informs the story of three pre-teenage friends who make an effort to set a Guinness Book of World Records by creating the most snowmen in only one day. With a powerful concept of the value of friendly relationship and only a little adverse material, Snowmen is an entertaining film for every family members.

Billy becomes enthusiastic about trying to do things that will get him popular and kept in mind after he dies. The three buddies find out a freezing system and get some prestige from that. Then, they make an effort to set the world history for most snowmen but have difficulties getting volunteers. Billy requires off his storing cap to expose his hairless go from chemotherapy, which encourages bad, resulting in many people to subscribe to offer. When Billy’s publicity-hungry car salesperson dad reveals up to the snowmen event, he reveals that Billy is not dying; he really has a chilly. The occasion is stopped because it seems that Billy’s been relaxing to everyone. When Billy and friends are bothered by Jason the intimidate, Billy draws Jason out of an icy lake, but in doing so, falls in himself. His buddies try to get him, but he dies away for number of hours, but is resuscitated in the hospital.

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