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Spartan is a full of crime action drama movie. David Mamet is the director and writer of the movie. Download Spartan movie and download free movies from here without any registration process. David Mamet, one of the respected writers, has designed a amazing political live wire that will basically have you wondering until the end. There were several periods during the movie where I believed that I had it figured out, and was taken down in the very next scene.

In Spartan, the David Mamet thriller that performs extra time to take the rug out from under itself, Val Kilmer maintains his face as empty as an automaton’s, and his locks is so firm it’s essentially square-jawed. Kilmer performs some kind of very unique, very tight-lipped army agent who is billed with finding the President’s little girl. Kilmer, performing like a joyless James Bond, gets to debris out a lot of stylishly stiff, machine-gun Mamet lines like ”The girl’s in the home. I’m getting her out. If it ain’t me or her, kill it!” At a gas station, Kilmer and his cohort (Derek Luke) capture a convenience-store employee, then a cop, then one of the death-row prisoners the cop was transporting.

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