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Suburban Commando is a 1991 American science fiction comedy film starring Hulk Hogan, Christopher Lloyd and Shelley Duvall. Burt Kennedy directed the film based on a screenplay by Frank Cappello. It was the veteran director’s final film.

Interstellar warrior Shep Ramsey (Hulk Hogan) is on a mission to capture intergalactic despot General Suitor (William Ball). The general kidnapped President Hashina, the ruler of an entire planet. Shep boards Suitor’s flagship but is unable to rescue Hashina, who is killed by Suitor who turned into a berserk reptilian alien after Hashina wounded him. Shep barely escapes, but is able to blow up the ship as he does so…

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Info: IMDB

Genre: Action | Comedy | Familial
Score: 4. 3 of 10 - Average rate 7908 people
Publisher: Te Mvvyz
Quality: web-dl 720p
Format: MKV
Size: 700 MB
Product: America
English language
Director: Burt Kennedy
Cast: Christopher Lloyd , Shelley Duvall, Hulk Hogan

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Suburban Commando (1991) Free Movie Download

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