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starts with Luke, Suzie, Matt and Kate all conference up together at airport. Kate is Matt’s sis and former sweetheart of Luke before he was with Suzie. They have met to journey by luxury vessel to the Great Barrier reef. Traveling with them is their friend Warren who is helping to skipper the boat for them. Viewing the island, problems hits as on their come back to the luxury vessel the dinghy bursts, resulting in anxiety. But the toughest is yet to happen. The luxury vessel then hits the deep sea resulting in water to happen in, causes it to capsize! Yikes!

Luke chooses that they should swimming North towards Turtle Island but Warren will not go saying he knows the water and worries being attacked by a shark. Reluctantly making him at the luxury yacht, the buddies start their dangerous trip. For the rest of the movie we observe as the team can swim across the sea. When the friends see their first glance of a shark, worry is personalized on their faces. Luke is a organic innovator and he is constantly on the assure his buddies that they will arrive at protection and that help will come. He reveals the least worry out of the buddies but is actually the one verifying under the water most regularly to see whether the shark is going in their direction or not. The performances from all the stars are very amazing and particular discuss has to go to Damian Walshe-Howling and Zoe Naylor. You can download movies free from our website and download  The Reef full movie with high resolution print from the links given below.

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The Reef (2010) Free Movie Download

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