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The Siege is a 1998 American action thriller film directed by Edward Zwick. The film is about a fictional situation in which terrorist cells have made several attacks on New York City. The film stars Denzel Washington, Annette Bening, Tony Shalhoub, and Bruce Willis as the U.S. Army Major General William Devereaux.

FBI Special Agent Anthony Hubbard and his Lebanese-American partner Frank Haddad are told of a hijacked bus, fully loaded with passengers and containing an explosive device. The bomb turns out to be a paint bomb and the terrorists escape. The FBI receives warnings to release Sheikh Ahmed bin Talal.

Hubbard eventually comes into conflict with CIA agent Elise Kraft. Hubbard takes a terrorist suspect into custody and arrests Kraft. Afterwards another terrorist threat is made and an MTA bus is bombed. When the FBI captures a man named Samir Nazhde, he admits to signing the visa application of one of the suicide bombers in the course of signing many applications for student visas in his job as a lecturer. However, Kraft insists that Samir is not a terrorist and that his continued freedom is vital to the investigation…

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The Siege (1998) Free Movie Download The Siege (1998) Free Movie Download The Siege (1998) Free Movie Download

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