How to Download Movies With “uTorrent” ?

Before downloading movies with torrent you need to download and install the torrent client. The simple and easy torrent client is “uTorrent”. The setup is quite small in size. You can download it from given link below:Download uTorrentSTEP 1: Click on “Click Here” Button . You will be redirected to next page.
torrent-step-1STEP 2 Click on “Click Here” Button. You will be redirected to next page.
torrent-step-2STEP 3: Wait for few seconds. You will be redirect shortly to DropBox to Download Torrent File.
torrent-step-3STEP 4: Click on “Download” button, then click on “Direct Download“. You don’t need to create account or login to drop box, you can simply click on “No thanks, continue to download“.
torrent-step-4torrent-step-4-1STEP 5: In this step you will get “Open With” or “Save File” options if you are using Mozilla Firefox browser. Click to “Save File” and Press “OK“. The Torrent file will be downloaded to your default Download folder.
torrent-step-5STEP 6: Open your Download Folder. Now “Right Click” on already downloaded torrent file and select “open with” and choose “uTorrent” app. The file will open in uTorrent.
torrent-step-6STEP 7: The movie will start to download with uTorrent.

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