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An arthouse film director, Ham Cheon-soo, travels to Suwon to screen one of his films. While walking around he spies a young, pretty girl. Seeing her a second time in a blessing hall in a temple he strikes up a conversation with her. Recognizing his name after he introduces himself she agrees to go with him to a coffee shop. There she talks about how she used to work as a model but found it empty and uninteresting despite making good money. She currently works as a painter. As he has arrived a day early and has nothing else to do, Cheon-soo goes with Yoon Heejung to her studio and watches her paint. Afterwards he takes her out for sushi and they get drunk on soju. Cheon-soo tells Heejung he appreciates her as a woman and the two flirt. Cheon-soo tells Heejung he likes her as a friend and then as more than a friend. He drunkenly digs through his pockets searching for a ring he can give her but Heejung becomes morose telling him that she doesn’t have any friends. Cheon-soo goes out for a smoke and Heejung remembers that she has a small gathering to go to for her friend’s birthday. She asks Cheon-soo to accompany her and he does.The evening goes sour however when Heejung tells her friends how touched she was by the things that Cheon-soo told her about her painting in the gallery and her friend reveals that he has said many similar things in interviews. She also brings up his reputation as a womanizer and the fact that he is married, which he confirms. Heejung goes to lie down to sleep off being drunk. When Cheon-soo tries to approach her again she tells him to leave. Going home her mother berates her for being drunk.At the screening the following day Cheon-soo is hung-over and acts angry and erratic at the post-film discussion. A friend of Heejung’s arrives and gives him a book of her own writing. Cheon-soo leaves to go back to Seoul.

Right Now, Wrong Then (2015) Details

Info: IMDB

Genre: Drama
Score: 7. 3 of 10 - Average Rate 1,047 people
Publisher: Te Mvvyz
Quality: 720p Bluray
Format: MKV
Size: 850 MB
Product: South Korea
Korean Language
Director: Sang-soo Hong
Actors: Jae-yeong Jeong, Min-hee Kim, Yeo-jeong Yoon

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Right Now, Wrong Then (2015) Free Movie Download

Right Now, Wrong Then (2015) Download Now

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